mardi 31 octobre 2006

Halloween in Montreal

Poor kids. It's so cold, windy and rainy lately over here ! ...
Pauvres gamins. Fait tellement froid, venteux et pluvieux ici ces derniers temps !...

samedi 28 octobre 2006

Illustration Friday word: "Wind"

A bit too melodramatic as usual, but I can't help it !
Comme d'habitude un peu trop mélodramatique, mais je ne peux pas m'en empêcher ! (>_<)

Update: here's the original colours I had for this picture. I found them a bit dull, so I gave them a more brownish look. But looking back at it today, I still quite like it. It feels more airy. Since I'm a bit undecided about it I've posted both :-).

vendredi 20 octobre 2006


Last night I dreamed my dog had swallowed an accordion ! He was making funny noises when he jumped around. Very, very weird.

Cette nuit j'ai rêvé que mon chien avait avalé un accordéon. Il faisait des bruits rigolos lorsqu'il se déplaçait. Super bizarre.

mercredi 18 octobre 2006

Illustration Friday word: "Smitten"

I've been a bit busy lately so here's something I did a while ago for this week's illustration friday word.