mardi 28 février 2006

The Office

Quite a disturbing picture. A colleague at work pointed out that he actually looked like a miniature version of Ricky Gervais in The Office. :-)
Un peu dérangeant comme image. Un collègue au travail m'a fait remarquer qu'il ressemblait un peu à une version miniature de Ricky Gervais dans la série The Office. :-)

5 commentaires:

Virginia Valle a dit...

Thanks Christophe the caricature is very cool and funny :)

Dee C.K. a dit...

That's really cute! Your work is very playful and you have nice design!

the doodlers a dit...

haha! truly this does look like a little Ricky G.

Stephen Studios a dit...

I wonder what hes thinking.


the enigma a dit...

he does look like ricky gervais! don't worry, i love him! :-)