mardi 22 août 2006

Illustration Friday word: "Match"

"You're creeping me out,man." says the puppet.
"He mec tu me fais flipper" dit la marionette.

And a less creepy, cheesier idea. Sorry for the horrible quality. No scanner. :-(
Et une idée un peu plus bidon. Désolé pour la qualité, po de scanner :-( bouh.

10 commentaires:

Princess Pepper Cloud a dit...

That is one creepy puppet! Love the drawing and the concept. The penguin and man is so sweet, just melted my heart a little.

garth bruner a dit...

Love the puppet. Made me laugh!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog a dit...

These are both really great! Both made me smile!

Alina Chau a dit...

Fun illos!! :)

Dee C.K. a dit... the penguin match! It could work!!
Great stuff! Good to hear from you!

justinpatrickparpan a dit...

Ha, these are great man!

St John Street a dit...

Fun ideas!!!

joto a dit...

Love hand puppets, very cool idea!

Anonyme a dit...

Hey Christophe.

Love the creepy puppet too!!

Hope you're having fun in Canada..


Christophe a dit...

Hi everyone, thanks for passing by and leaving these nice comments. I've been busy lately, but I hope to put some new stuff on the blog soon. Take care !