vendredi 3 avril 2009

Happy Dog

Whenever I randomly doodle without thinking about it, I often end up with a dog :-). This one is really happy because the project I've been working on throughout the last few months is almost over! At last !
Souvent quand je griffonne sans réfléchir, je dessine des chiens. Celui-ci est super content parce que mon dernier projet au travail est enfin bientôt terminé, youpi !

4 commentaires:

Luh... a dit...

Hey, how are you???

My name is Lucas Lopes Furlan.

I'm from Brazil...

I really loved your blog and your pics, they are all amazing!!!!

PS: I'm sorry about my horrible english.

Nice to meet your "work"


Patrick Désilets a dit...

Haha il est vraiment content!

Christophe a dit...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Alina Chau a dit...

That's a FUN HAPPY character!!